Biosafety risk groups

Name Type of biomaterials Risk group (human) Risk group (animal) Note Pathogen code
Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus Viruses 4 4 V-4-0027
Ebola virus Viruses 4 4 V-4-0032
Junin virus Viruses 4 V-4-0066
Lassa virus Viruses 4 V-4-0069
Machupo virus Viruses 4 V-4-0071
Marburg virus Viruses 4 4 V-4-0074
Variola major virus Viruses 4 4 Smallpox V-2-0124
Variola minor virus Viruses 4 4 Whitepox V-2-0124
Variola virus Viruses 4 4 รวมถึง Variola minor virus (whitepox) และ Variola major virus (smallpox) V-2-0124

Risk group information shown in this website is extracted from notifications of the Ministry of Public Health, Thailand.
Its format has been amended from the original documents to ease the risk group search. For original documents, please contact the Bureau of Laboratory Quality Standards, Department of Medical Sciences, Ministry of Public Health.